WWE/MMA: Dave Bautista vs Ken Shamrock

By Geno McGahee

Mixed Martial Arts knows how to use athletes of other fields. WWE does as well, and that is why they work so well together. Former WWE Champion “Batista” is making the move that Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley have made, shifting over to the world of mixed martial arts and is in negotiations with another former WWE superstar, Ken Shamrock.

A Shamrock vs. Batista match is a big seller because of their association with the WWE. It’s a curiosity and that will sell. James Toney coming to the UFC in an un-winnable fight sold very well because it was a curiosity. Batista is a huge guy and is reportedly on a collision course with yet another former WWE guy turned MMA guy, Bobby Lashley.

Look for the Batista-Shamrock bout to materialize. Ken Shamrock seems to enjoy the role of gatekeeper and likes the idea of turning a good buck against a big guy that may not know what he needs to about mixed martial arts. At the advanced age, Shamrock is still strong and still knows how to fight. It should be very interesting.


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10 Questions for Dan Severn

By Mike Whitman

Known as “The Beast” inside the cage, Dan Severn burst on the mixed martial arts scene as a decorated amateur wrestler and fought his way to the final of the eight-man tournament. Though he ultimately succumbed to a Royce Gracie triangle choke, the Coldwater, Mich., native still had much left to do in the sport.

Severn returned six months later and ran the table at UFC 5, defeating all three of his opponents to capture the tournament crown. A black belt in judo and jiu-jitsu, he also competed at the inaugural Pride Fighting Championships and World Extreme Cagefighting events and holds victories over the likes of Forrest Griffin, Ken Shamrock, Oleg Taktarov and David “Tank” Abbott. Severn was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2005 and, at the age of 52, still fights on a regular basis.

In this exclusive interview with Sherdog.com, Severn talks about his early days in the UFC, his desire for a rematch against Gracie and why he continues to compete.

Sherdog.com: You are one of the guys who paved the road for today’s fighters. In your early performances in the Octagon, we witnessed for the first time in an organized fight that wrestling was a devastating martial art. When you look back at your first event, UFC 4, what stands out the most in your mind?
Severn: My preparation with pro wrestling protégé Al Snow and his trainees in Lima, Ohio, [comes to mind]. The closest thing to a cage I had was a pro wrestling ring. We did a week-long [camp] of training. I never trained a single strike or submission. I was a true world-class amateur wrestler when I first walked into the cage.


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UFC President Dana White Impressed With Brock Lesnar’s Coaching on The Ultimate Fighter

By Mike Chiappetta

Some people have criticized Brock Lesnar‘s capabilities as a coach of the Ultimate Fighter, may it be for his lack of experience, or his desire to stay away from all the lights and cameras. For what it’s worth though, Dana White has been impressed with what he’s been seeing since taping started almost two weeks ago. He talked to MMA Fighting about it:

“It’s been interesting. I’m actually impressed and happy with how competitive they both are and how into it they both are. One of the cool things that happens every season is, guys come on and they totally buy into it and get into it, and end up creating relationships for a lifetime. Brock’s been just like that.”

“In the whole history of the show, I think we’ve only ever had Ken Shamrock come on and not give a s—. I think he’s the only coach that ever came on and didn’t care. Brock’s been good so far.”

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Guy Mezger: Oxygen enemy for disease and target for future health

Orange County, CA – Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) pioneer Guy Mezger is one of the believers. Mezger is a MMA fighter, HD Net program producer, businessman, and gym owner who swears by the super water. Via Fight Net Radio interview Mezger was very convincing in his explanation on his self tested, medically backed results integration with this product. In short, the MMA icon noticed increased stamina, oxygen levels, and less fatigue.

Mezger is so confident with the product that he buys it for his family and friends so he can rest better at night knowing they are putting good stuff in their bodies. Surprisingly his kids have never seen sugar or any food that is non-organic, however, Guy has added the enhanced water to his children’s diet on a regular basis.

FutureHealth.co has been focused on the Evolv product for about 90 days and is updating their testimonials and research daily. Although just like any non FDA approved product, the enhanced water product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Attributes and benefits of their Archaea Active™ formula are hydration with increased stamina, energy and endurance. Other benefits of increased oxygenation at the cellular level, of which drinking Evolv may help, include enhancing the absorption of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and other important nutrients; speeding up fatigue recovery; maintaining healthy circulation and restoring mental alertness from fatigue or drowsiness.


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