Jones, Evans, Inter-Camp Loyalty Reaching Critical

By Freya Vor

It’s been a long running pledge of loyalty that MMA fighters not fight with others who train in their camps. These informal “teams” have developed throughout MMA; but, like a pyramid, it gets narrow at the top and some of these loyalties are about to be challenged.

The most recent debate, which could illustrate the classic, “cart before the horse” involves Jon Jones and Rashaad Evans. Instead of avoiding the issue by taking the “we’ll have to see what happens with Shogun first” angle, both Jones and Evans, fueled by UFC President Dana White, have fanned the flames of the debate.

Both Jones and Evans train at Greg Jackson’s gym in Albuquerque and have showed solidarity that they would not fight the other. Both indicated that they would sit and wait for another opportunity if either became champion. However, when papa bear White stepped in and pointed out to Evans the lunacy of sitting out, Evans softened his stance, which caused Jones to soften his stance, which caused Evans to take it to the ghetto, pointing out “I’m no punk…”.

The issue is not isolated at Jackson’s, generally considered the world’s top MMA gym. American Kickboxing Academy and the other top “teams” have had to address the same issue.


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Hesdy Gerges Goes to War With Daniel Ghita, Survives to Take a Decision

By Dave Walsh

The fight that almost didn’t happen is indeed happening. Hesdy Gerges has had his legal problems, but he is a free man for now and takes on the very, very tough Daniel Ghita. Both men start off throwing incredibly hard and fast kicks, to the extent where you forget how big they are. Ghita’s hands have improved, but Gerges still has an edge in that department, he is also checking every few leg kicks, but Ghita’s leg kicks are crisp and deadly.

Ghita comes out a bit slower than he did in the first round and is getting frustrated by Gerges’ quick combos. He drops his hands and invites Gerges to unload on him, awesome moment where he is just shouting for more punishment. This won’t win him the round or the fight, but moments like that are amazing. Gerges keeps his combos crisp and near the end of the second round is actually able to drop Ghita hitting him low! Ghita pulls himself up and keeps slugging it out. It isn’t clear if that was counted as a down or not, but it doesn’t matter as it was a round for Hesdy.


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Brazilian congressman attacks MMA, wants to ban the sport from TV

By Oriosvaldo Costa

The primitives warned us that the nation that steals from itself its artistic, cultural and sportive creations is condemned to fail. Not even is so called totalitarian countries, like Iran or Venezuela, MMA chased like it is in Brazil, where it’s been created.

I don’t really consider Brazil a democratic country. Fighters and managers may be deprived from their right to raise money, and the fans won’t have the freedom of chose what they want to have fun with.

The controversy bill of the reelected congressman Jose Mentor (PT-SP) might bring us a lot of headache pretty soon. I actually had to change this article like three times in two days because things wouldn’t stop to come up.

On the last week, PL 5.534/09 has been filled. However, Jose Mentor demanded it was reopened, and obeyed right away. These things make me think that this congressman will have even more influence on this new government than he had on the previous one.

He was able to convince, secretly, the current writer of the bill, so that he seems favorable to the approval of the project, unlike the former writer, who was against it. The infamous bill transacts in Brasilia since June of 2009 and intends to forbid the broadcast of non-Olympic combat sports on all kinds of Brazilian television.


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WWE/MMA: Dave Bautista vs Ken Shamrock

By Geno McGahee

Mixed Martial Arts knows how to use athletes of other fields. WWE does as well, and that is why they work so well together. Former WWE Champion “Batista” is making the move that Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley have made, shifting over to the world of mixed martial arts and is in negotiations with another former WWE superstar, Ken Shamrock.

A Shamrock vs. Batista match is a big seller because of their association with the WWE. It’s a curiosity and that will sell. James Toney coming to the UFC in an un-winnable fight sold very well because it was a curiosity. Batista is a huge guy and is reportedly on a collision course with yet another former WWE guy turned MMA guy, Bobby Lashley.

Look for the Batista-Shamrock bout to materialize. Ken Shamrock seems to enjoy the role of gatekeeper and likes the idea of turning a good buck against a big guy that may not know what he needs to about mixed martial arts. At the advanced age, Shamrock is still strong and still knows how to fight. It should be very interesting.


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TapouT car debuts in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series, nets 12th-place result

By John Morgan

The TapouT Chevrolet made its NASCAR debut, and driver Elliot Sadler guided the No. 2 car to a 12th-place finish in its first-ever race.

The TapouT-sponsored race car was officially unveiled at Saturday’s Sam’s Town 300 Nationwide Series Race, which took place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and was broadcast on ABC.

In February, MMA clothing manufacturer TapouT announced it was branching out from its core audience with a multi-year partnership with racing team Kevin Harvick Inc.

“I expect NASCAR and MMA fans to be in a bit of shock – in a good way,” TapouT exec Tim “Skyskrape” Katz stated in the original announcement. “TapouT has never ventured outside of MMA like this, but seeing how the fans love both sports, I think they will be the real winners here.

“TapouT loves doing things out of the ordinary and we think this is going to be a great partnership.”


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‘Ninja’ Rua says Jon Jones “will get hurt” when his brother’s punches “finds his face”

By Guilherme Cruz

UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio Shogun will put his title on the line against the young Jon Jones. Despite all experience he has on MMA and the fact he had become Pride’s champion when he was at the same age Jones currently is, the Brazilian is seen as the underdog by the press and the American fans, but his brother Murilo “Ninja” Rua bets all his chips in Mauricio, despite complimenting the American.

“Jon Jones is a respectful athlete, he’s young, but my brother is the favorite for the experience he has, he’s fought tougher guys than Jones. My brother has proven it, and he’ll win. The guy wants it bad, he has nothing to lose, but the experience can be the differential”, bets Murilo, who doesn’t consider Jones to be the greatest challenge on his brother’s career. “He’s one of the toughest fighters on MMA currently, he’s tall and has a great conditioning, he’s rising, so it must be a hell of a good fight. But he’ll get hurt when my brother’s punches finds his face. Jon Jones ain’t Mauricio’s greatest challenge. My brother had had great ones, and it’ll be another fight on his career”.



Wreck MMA: Heading Back to Afghanistan

Wreck MMA is proud to announce that they are making their second visit to Afghanistan to entertain the troops with six professional MMA fights. Following the trip in October, the thousands of troops in attendance loved the event and couldn’t wait for Wreck to return. Their wish will be fullfilled as the Canadian forces asked Wreck to once again step up and support our troops.

The fights will begin on the afternoon of March 9th, 2011 and headed to Afghanistan are two teams of six fighters ready to entertain the thousands in attendance. The first team will be coached by the Head Instructer of the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts, Pat Cooligan and the other by the experienced coach and fighter from London’s Adrenaline MMA, Chris ‘The Menace’ Clements.

The main event will have Caledonia’s Bryan Edge taking on Brampton’s Theo ‘The Poetic Hitman’ Toney in what should be a highly contested and exciting tilt. Fighters from all corners of Ontario will fill out the rest of the card as fighters from Rockland, Woodbridge, Wallaceburg, Brantford, Windsor, Sarnia, London and Ottawa will be competing. All fighters and staff will once again be donating their time to support the troops who protect us every day. The fighters participating in this event deserve a lot of credit for stepping up and giving back to the troops.

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