Report: UFC fighter Pat Barry goes on a naked rampage!

Word coming out of Vegas is that UFC fighter Pat Barry has “blown a gasket”. He has reportedly been running around the city kicking the snot out of innocent pedestrians. In the photo above, you can see Pat threatening a helpless street entertainer for not doing a good job playing a Michael Jackson medley on his accordion. Moments later Pat attacked this Mexican street performer with a vicious display of a GSP-esq superman punch followed by some brutal ground and pound!

Here is a picture of the aftermath…

Not only did he kick the shit out of the poor guy, he stole his hat and his accordian as well!!

As if that weren’t enough, he was later seen attacking a pair of Elvis impersonators…Here is the before picture…

I would post the after picture, but it was just to gross. Two bloody Elvis impersonators laying in a pool of their own blood and feces.  Oh the humanity of it all!!

Pat was last seen trying to sleep it off on the street beside some dude he met…

Moments after this picture was taken, he threw that guy off that overpass and kicked the shit out of the dude with the camera!

If you see Pat Barry in your area, do not attempt to restrain him yourself. He is a world class UFC fighter and will probably kick your ass. So just run!


More news on this breaking story coming as it becomes available!

Pat Barry Happy to Face Carwin, Hunt, Struve or Whoever the UFC Sees Fit

By Damon Martin

Coming off a win over Joey Beltran in January, striker extraordinaire Pat Barry is ready to step back into the Octagon and he’s just waiting on a call from UFC matchmaker Joe Silva.

There are a few interesting match-ups on Barry’s mind that would make sense and would be fun fights for the former K-1 kickboxer.

While by no means is Barry calling anyone out, he does admit that a fight with 6’11″ Dutch fighter Stefan Struve would be interesting. Especially since he stands at 5’11″.

“Personally, I think it would be cool to fight Stefan Struve. The tallest heavyweight versus the shortest heavyweight. I think that would be cool,” Barry said recently.

Barry has never been a fighter known to call any other fighter out, and instead opting to go with the philosophy of facing whoever the UFC puts in front of him. A fight against Struve is no different, but it would test his flexibility for sure.

Do I really want to fight him? Naw, I just think I can high kick him,” Barry said about a potential match-up with Struve.


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Pat Barry Willing to Break Hands and Feet

by Erik Fontanez

Pat Barry is getting ready to fight a zombie. Well, not exactly. Actually, he’s stepping up to fight Joey Beltran at UFC Fight for the Troops 2 on Jan. 22. Barry spoke recently with MMA Weekly Radio and used the undead analogy when talking about Beltran, describing his opponent as one that walks forward like the fictional characters from the classic horror films.

“He’s a living zombie,” Barry said. “Everything you throw is going to land on him, but he’s going to constantly walk forward and, eventually, you’re going to get too tired of hitting him in the face. And then, he’s going to catch you. Just like any movie zombie. Not the 2008, ’09 and ’10 zombies that run really fast, but the traditional Night of the Living Dead zombies that crawl towards you really slow. Yeah, he’s like those.”


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