MMA overtime round? UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar says bring it on


The first two months of 2011 delivered two high-profile draws – UFC 125’s Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard II and UFC 127’s B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch – both of which ushered in a slew of controversy and left their respective divisions in flux.

As a rule, draws generally frustrate fans, almost certainly frustrate fighters and generally cause more confusion than resolution. But can the sport’s governing bodies find some way to improve the current system? At least one UFC champion thinks so.

In this past week’s new edition of HDNet’s “Inside MMA,” MMA legend and show host Bas Rutten addressed a viewer’s email that suggested an overtime round be instituted to resolve draws in high-profile bouts such as title contests and No. 1 contender affairs.

Rutten, a former UFC heavyweight champion and King of Pancrase, thinks the idea is a winner. After all, it’s already used in other combat sports, and the UFC even has a “sudden victory” round in place for its Spike TV-broadcast reality series.

“They do it at K-1 in Japan, and I love that idea,” Rutten said. “Actually, ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ does it, too. You fight to a draw, boom, the last [round], whoever wins that wins.”

Edgar, who survived a first-round beatdown against Maynard to battle make to a split draw at UFC 125, was a guest on the new edition of “Inside MMA” and also supported the idea. The UFC lightweight champion now rematches his nemesis at May’s UFC 130 event, but Edgar said he would have preferred to put the situation behind him in January.

“I think another five-minute round would be perfect,” Edgar said. “You go into a fight, you prepare, and you want a decisive outcome. To have to wait another three months and possibly another fight is kind of annoying. I would say another round would be great. You get to figure out who’s the winner right then and there.


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Fighter Diary: Daniel Gracie

By Daniel Gracie

This past Saturday, March 5th, marked the start of Season 4 for Bellator. It also marked 21 days until my fight in the Bellator Light Heavyweight Tournament. I sat on the sofa to watch the fights on MTV2. While I watched, I felt my heart began to race and my level of anticipation rise. There was now a visual to attach to my training. The circular Bellator cage. The announcers likenesses and voices. I will be there in three weeks. I will be part of history, the premier Light Heavyweight Tournament.

Three fights in three months. This will be a true test of fitness, dedication and preparation. I have spent the last two months visualizing the belt around my waist. My arms raised in victory. My team by my side, victorious in the Bellator cage. Now, back to the sofa. As I tuned in to watch, I was impressed by the production and the event. But moreover, the fights were well matched and each was a bit of a surprise to me.

To see so many fighters do a stand up game was not expected. Each of those fights went to a decision. One of the four went to the ground and ended in what could be considered controversy. I will leave this to the judges (to be discussed later… stay tuned). The four men who have moved on in the tournament are each one step closer to their goal. And I took that step with them. I felt each punch thrown as though I had thrown it. It was as if I was there.


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TapouT car debuts in NASCAR’s Nationwide Series, nets 12th-place result

By John Morgan

The TapouT Chevrolet made its NASCAR debut, and driver Elliot Sadler guided the No. 2 car to a 12th-place finish in its first-ever race.

The TapouT-sponsored race car was officially unveiled at Saturday’s Sam’s Town 300 Nationwide Series Race, which took place at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and was broadcast on ABC.

In February, MMA clothing manufacturer TapouT announced it was branching out from its core audience with a multi-year partnership with racing team Kevin Harvick Inc.

“I expect NASCAR and MMA fans to be in a bit of shock – in a good way,” TapouT exec Tim “Skyskrape” Katz stated in the original announcement. “TapouT has never ventured outside of MMA like this, but seeing how the fans love both sports, I think they will be the real winners here.

“TapouT loves doing things out of the ordinary and we think this is going to be a great partnership.”


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Mark Pavelich: Canada’s king of MMA

By Chris Doucette, Toronto Sun

You’d think the owner of any mixed martial arts organization north of the border would be honoured to be thought of as the Canadian Dana White. But Mark Pavelich isn’t just any MMA company owner.

I sat down recently with the cocky founder and president of Maximum Fighting Championship, a Canadian-based MMA organization, and he was taken aback by the comparison.

“I’m way better looking than he is,” the MFC boss said with a grin. “He has way more money than I do, but I have way more charisma than he does.”

Not bad for a guy who claims not to be arrogant. Pavelich may prefer not to be compared to the Ultimate Fighting Championship president, he also wasn’t offended.

“He’s the Godfather of MMA,” Pavelich freely admitted of his UFC counterpart.

But with all the press the UFC has received recently, Pavelich wants to ensure fans know they have another option.

Yes, he’s got a great product and he’s the superpower of MMA, but there is a different brand of MMA out there and it’s called Maximum Fighting Championship,” he said. “And we’re not just some sort of farm team, we’re the highest level in this country.”

While he spoke respectfully enough of the UFC president, there was also a hint of disdain with each mention of Dana White, who he refers to simply as D.W.


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Kazuhiro Nakamura coming to fight in America? Yoshida returning to Judo?

By N.O.B

Some possibilities for the futures of a couple of Yoshida Dojo fighters.

J-Rock boss Kokuho hinted that Olympic gold medalist and retired MMA fighter Hidehiko Yoshida himself might return to Judo as a leader/coach from April 25th and onward (that’s the next date that you can register as one).

Kazuhiro Nakamura said that he had hoped to fight in Japan but since no fight has been decided he’s looking abroad. The plan is for a fight in America in either May or June and he should be able to announce it soon.

Also, as reported previously, Yoshida Dojo fighter Michihiro Omigawa’s next fight will most likely be at the end of May UFC Las Vegas event or the June UFC Vancouver event.



Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante Finds Importance in Strategy for Strikeforce Fight With Dan Henderson

By Erik Fontanez

The type of approach one takes is key in the fight game. Without a definitive gameplan, a fighter’s night can go South very quickly with his competition getting their hand raised in victory.

Being strategic is of the utmost importance, especially when the fight is against a guy the caliber of Dan Henderson, who Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante happens to face this Saturday, March 5 at Strikeforce: Feijao vs. Henderson. The fight will be Cavalcante’s first defense of his newly acquired light heavyweight title.

The all important gameplan never stays the same. With each fight, the plan shifts in such a way as to take advantage of the opposition’s weaknesses. The fact that this is a title defense has little to do with the preparation, according to Cavalcante – other than the fact that this could be a 25-minute fight, of course.

“Against every fighter there’s a little bit of a strategy,” “Feijao” said recently. “It doesn’t really matter if I’m fighting for a title or I’m defending a title. It’s really about the fighter and every fighter has different strategies they are going to throw at you.”


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Yamamoto prepares for March 19th fight with Akihiro Gono in Tokyo for Krush


K-1 MAX fighter Yuya Yamamoto held a public practice session on Friday as he prepares for his March 19th Superfight against Mixed-Martial-Artist and former All-Japan Kickboxing champion Akihiro Gono.

Yamamoto has found success in the smaller Krush promotion winning his past two fights including a knock out win over Masakazu Watanabe this past January whereas he’s struggled on the bigger K-1 stage losing his last three fights.

Krush recently announced a -70kg Tournament (K-1 MAX weight) kicking off April 30th and baring any injuries, I would expect to see particiaption from Yamamoto in the tournament regardless of the outcome in his match against Gono.


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