Mixed Martial Arts Online Betting Surges in Popularity

By Online-Casinos.com

The popularity of Boxing has been eclipsed by the public’s fascination with Ultimate Fighting which has been driven in part by the expanding use of the internet as a form of entertainment and communications. The Ultimate Fighting phenomenon is proving to be a great boon for online sports books as punters watch and bet on the outcome of the matches.

Now the public is able to watch the fight form anywhere in the world via the internet where all that you need to make a wager is at your fingertips in an instant. The Mixed martial arts events are creating an enormous new wagering venue for online gambling operators.

The next big mixed martial arts event is being held in Australia at the Acer Arena in Sydney and with the internet, fans can watch the event streamed live on their computers or television. Mixed Martial Arts isn’t just about the fighting, technique, and training. It’s about the gambling, and pop culture relevance that’s what attracting the media attention and the huge fan base that’s growing fast.

It is a common belief that because Mixed Martial Arts is so new to the betting world, there are great values to be had at nearly every major event. The betting is a bit different from those bets on football or basketball where there are point spreads. Mixed Martial Arts competitions have odds that the bookies call moneylines. A moneyline is basically a way for the sports books to even out the betting public. The moneylines on MMA contests will often change with the amount of money coming in on each side. If a lot of money is coming in on one side, the sports book will adjust the moneyline to even out the action and get bettors betting on the other fighter, whatever the odds are when you place your bet, are the odds you obtain.



Penn, Fitch Both Dissatisfied with Draw, Open to Return Bout

By Mike Whitman

Though B.J. Penn and Jon Fitch both fought their hearts out at UFC 127, neither fighter was happy with the result.

After three seesaw rounds during which both men showed flashes of dominance, the bout went to the scorecards. Nothing was resolved, however, as judges Barry Foley (29-28 Fitch), Sal D’Amato (28-28) and Chris Lee (28-28) rendered a majority draw. According to Fitch, his performance in the evening’s main event simply was not up to snuff.

“I’m awfully disappointed in myself,” said Fitch at the event’s postfight press conference inside Sydney, Australia’s, Acer Arena. “I could have performed and prepared a lot better, regardless of the judges’ decision. I expect more of myself.”

Fitch, the betting favorite heading into the bout, found himself unable to control the smaller Penn in the way that many fans and pundits believed he would. Many of Fitch’s perceived difficulties might have been due to the Hawaiian’s surprising choice of strategy. While the prevailing opinion was that the former two-division champion would look to outbox Fitch, he instead chose to close the distance and try for takedowns, securing the bigger man’s back in both of the first two frames.

“I just kind of got over trying to box people and run away and stuff. I’m a grappler, myself,” said Penn. “I’m going to continue to try to take them down, and I’m going to try to punch them. I’m going to try to do both.”


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Jon Fitch, B.J. Penn Fight to a Draw at UFC 127

By Michael David Smith

In a battle of two of the best fighters in mixed martial arts, the judges couldn’t pick a winner: Jon Fitch and B.J. Penn fought to a majority draw at UFC 127.

One judge scored it 29-28 for Fitch, but the other two judges scored it 28-28, and those two judges made it a majority draw — a disappointing ending that left the fans in Sydney, Australia booing. It was the second time in three UFC pay-per-views this year that the main event has been scored a draw.

Fitch seemed to control most of the fight, and Penn acknowledged afterward that he thought he had lost. But Penn requested a rematch afterward, and that seems likely.

Penn charged across the Octagon and went for a takedown at the start of the fight, a surprising decision to try to beat Fitch at his own game. For the first minute of the fight, Penn was pinning Fitch against the fence, but Fitch managed to reverse positions and hold Penn against the fence for another minute. After they spent the better part of the first round jockeying for position, Penn eventually took Fitch down, an impressive achievement in and of itself.

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Dennis Siver Beats George Sotiropoulos

By Michael David Smith

In a surprising lightweight result in Sydney, Dennis Siver won a unanimous decision over Australia’s own George Sotiropoulos at UFC 127.

It was a very good fight that Siver won on the judges’ scorcards by scores of 29-28, 30-28 and 30-27, improving his professional record to 18-7. Sotiropoulos falls to 14-3, and snaps an eight-fight winning streak.

“It was a hard, hard fight, but I could (follow) my game plan, and that’s why I won,” the German Siver said afterward, through his translator. “We trained so much every day.”

After an exchange of strikes for a couple minutes, Sotiropoulos caught a Siver kick and tried to take Siver to the ground. Bus Siver did a great job of hopping around on one foot while Sotiropoulos held his other foot, and eventually Sotiropoulos let go without Siver ever hitting the floor. It was a great display of takdeown defense and balance by Siver.

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Mark Hunt not finished yet as he stops Chris Tuchscherer in the second round

By Michael Pepper

Former K-1 champion, Mark Hunt has proved there’s life in the old dog yet as he brought to an end a long losing streak by defeating Chris Tuchscherer in the second round at UFC 127 in Sydney, Australia.

Big left from Hunt misses. Tuchscherer drops down for the takedown but he has nothing. Tuchscherer shoots in again and Hunt drops him with a huge right hand. Hunt allows Tuchscherer back to the feet. Hunt with a series of big bombs and it appears Tuchscherer is cut badly. Tuchscherer gains the takedown and moves to side control. Hunt escapes a kimura attempt but eats a few elbows. MMABay scores the round 10-9 Hunt.

Hunt misses with an overhand right before landing a short uppercut. Tuchscherer smiles but is soon on the back foot after narrowly avoiding a big uppercut. Hunt with a sharp jab followed by another uppercuts drops Tuchscherer for the knockout win.

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Sotiropoulos hopes to enter title mix with win tonight

By The Canadian Press

George Sotiropoulos just has to think about the time he lived in a New York laundromat to remember how far he has come.

It was just for a week, back in 2002, but it was long enough for the Australian to question his mixed martial arts career path.

“I was in an office, sleeping on a couch, but it was like ‘What am I doing here?”‘ he recalled. “It wasn’t in the greatest part of town and basically it sounded like an asylum.

“Not that I’ve seen in an asylum, but I have seen the movies,” he added with a laugh.

“I couldn’t wait to get out of there. And I did shortly after.”

Sotiropoulos (14-2, including 7-0 in the UFC) now ranks as one of the world’s elite lightweights.

He can cement his place as a championship contender with a win over hard-nosed German kickboxer Dennis Siver (17-7, including 6-4 in the UFC) on Saturday night at UFC 127 in Sydney, Australia (available on pay-per-view).

“This has been such a long project for me,” Sotiropoulos said. “It started over a decade ago. To get here was not easy. It was very difficult. I went through a lot of adversity and a lot of challenges and had to figure out a lot of things.


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The Ultimate Fighter U.K. vs. Australia In The Works

By Jeff Cain

Sports are built on rivalries, and there’s none better than the U.K. vs. Australia. But this time, it won’t happen on a cricket pitch.

UFC president Dana White recently said on a UFC 127 media conference call that The Ultimate Fighter was going international in 2011. The first stop will likely be the Philippines, but it appears that a TUF-themed Australia vs. England series is also in the works.

“We’re getting pretty far along. We’re not in a position to announce anything,” said Marshall Zelaznik, UFC Managing Director of International Development.

The UFC wants to get The Ultimate Fighter 13 shown in Australia before moving forward with the planned reality show that they’re going to call “The Smashes.”

“We’re getting close here on an announcement for The Ultimate Fighter season 13. It will be very widely distributed here once we get that deal secured. That will be the first step in trying to get ‘The Smashes,’ I think we’re going to call it,” said Zelaznik during the UFC 127 pre-fight press conference in Sydney, Australia.


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