Wrestler Claims Racial Profiling After Jaywalking Arrest


Shad Gaspard was arrested yesterday in Columbus, OH after what his wife claims was a jaywalking incident that turned into a case of racial profiling.

Shad’s wife Siliana tells TMZ her husband did not resist when a cop tried to bust him for jaywalking as he made his way to the Arnold Fitness EXPO. She says Shad got into a kneeling position to show he was not resisting … but the cops shoved his face into the dirt anyway.

Siliana tells us Shad told her he felt like he was “being profiled” and “treated like a n****r.”

Former UFC champ Josh Barnett, who was with Gaspard at the time, seemed to back up Shad’s version of events on his Twitter page, posting last night, “Shad Gaspard arrested because a Columbus officer abuses his authority. False jaywalking charge + attitude turns to handcuffs and tackling.”

According to law enforcement, Gaspard — who as part of the tag team Cryme Tyme once held the tag team title — was arrested for resisting arrest and obstructing official business.

Calls to the Columbus PD were not returned.


UPDATE: Josh had this to say tonight about this on twitter: “I was there and it was total BS, abuse of authority and EGO driven.”

Nick Ring Wins, Riki Fukuda Robbed

By Michael David Smith

Nick Ring stepped into the cage on Saturday for the first time since suffering a serious knee injury when he was an Ultimate Fighter contestant a year ago, beating Riki Fukuda by unanimous decision at UFC 127. But it’s hard to find much to celebrate in the win for Ring, as it was lousy judging that took the victory from Fukuda.

All three judges scored the bout 29-28 for Ring, but it’s hard to believe just about anyone else did. Fukuda clearly should have won, and the crowd voiced their displeasure afterward. UFC President Dana White immediately took to Twitter to write, “Judges f**king suck again!! Fukuda got robbed!!!” Even Ring looked surprised when his name was called.

The win improves Ring’s professional MMA record to 11-0, while Fukuda falls to 17-5. But it’s hard to celebrate Ring as a winner in this one.

Mark this fight down as one more piece of evidence that judging in mixed martial arts needs to be reformed.

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Japanese MMA Sensation Kazuyuki Miyata Signs With Nike

Fortuna PR are pleased to announce that former Olympian and current Japanese MMA star Kazuyuki Miyata has signed a groundbreaking MMA sponsorship deal with Nike. As the world’s leading supplier of athletic footwear and apparel, Miyata is proud to join an illustrious list of sponsored athletes that compiles a who’s who of sports‘ leading figures. With Miyata closing in on the Dream featherweight title, the relationship appears to have arrived with perfect timing.

Japanese MMA fighter, freestyle wrestler and former Olympian; Miyata represented Japan at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Now an accomplished MMA fighter Miyata is renowned for his amazing suplex attacks. He is currently on a seven-fight winning streak which puts him firmly in the Dream promotion’s title picture.

Miyata discusses the deal:

“I’m stoked! Nike is a world renowned and widely respected sporting company. I’m very honoured Nike decided to contact me and asked me to represent the label. It’s the history and what Nike represents, not only the sporting world, but also in the overall promotion and encouragement of health and fitness lifestyles for all people.

“I have agreed to work alongside Nike to encourage a level of excellence in the sporting arena, as well as promote a health and fitness lifestyle in general. As an example, Nike and I have decided to forward the brand to my children’s wrestling team. We have incentives and prizes presented to children who are advancing and achieving goals. Nike will be working together with me to ensure this programs success, and offer their full support.

“In regards to myself and Nike, once again, I am truly honoured to be approached by such a large well established and well respected company as Nike.

“Having Nike’s interest and support inspires me to train to my best ability, and perform in the sporting arena at the highest level of excellence.

“There’s nothing else to say now, except ‘Just Do it’ and I will!”

Miguel Torres: Fedor Should ‘Man Up or Get Left Behind’

By Matt Erickson

It’s not often Fedor Emelianenko and Miguel Torres are talked about in the same conversation.

Fedor is a soft-spoken 230-pound heavyweight from the heart of Russia. Torres is a 135-pound Mexican-American bantamweight living in the shadow of Chicago, and a few glances at his Twitter feed shows he’s far from shy. Physical and social equals, they are not.

Fedor has been synonymous with the sport of mixed martial arts for years – so much so that he needs only one name. But only in the last three years did Torres get widespread recognition.

There was a time two years ago when Fedor was at the top of most pound-for-pound discussions, and Torres himself had entered the top-5 mix. But beyond that, the two had little reason to be mentioned together.

But they might be more alike than most people think. Torres believes the similarities are there – and he believes Fedor, following back-to-back losses for the first time in his career, needs to do just what he did last year after suffering a similar, formerly unthinkable skid: Pack the bags and change things up, or he’ll only have himself to blame.

“He’s at a crossroads in his life,” Torres told MMA Fighting last week. “(He’s been) dominating his division, plus the popularity, exposure and everything that comes with being The Man, a showman, a father, representing a country and people – and being a fighter.


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Takanori Gomi vs Shinya Aoki in ADCC??

By Daniel Herbertson

One of the best lightweights of all-time, Takanori Gomi, has been struggling to relive past glory in the UFC and most recently was dominated and submitted by Clay Guida.

Looking to address on his weakness, Gomi has been focusing on jiu-jitsu as of late and has signed up to compete on Feb. 27 at the 2011 ADCC Asia Trials.

After hearing of Gomi’s participation, DREAM lightweight ace Shinya Aoki (who is back on Twitter) commented, “I wonder if it’s still too late to sign up.”

Also, someone has stolen the sign from Gomi’s gym. Gomi asks that if you like his gym, please return it.

Pride and UFC veteran Akihiro Gono will also be stepping out of the MMA ring (there isn’t a whole lot of choice in Japan these days) when he meets Yuya Yamamoto in a kickboxing superfight at Krush on Mar. 19.


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Shane Carwin Defends Fedor’s Legacy

By Mark Wayne

UFC heavyweight contender Shane Carwin, who had expressed interest in training with Emelianenko for his fight with Silva, took to his Twitter account recently to reprimand those who have forgotten about “The Last Emperor‘s” legacy.

“you lose two fights and end up with a 31-3 record and people question his relevance,” wrote Carwin. “I do not get it. HoF inductees are 19-10 & 25-15”

Carwin also reiterated his respect for and desire to train with Emelianenko.

“I would love to go train with him,” he posted. “I have a ton of respect for him as a person and as an athlete.”

Those in doubt of Emelianenko’s legitimacy need only take a look at his trio of fights with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, his epic 2005 fight against Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic or his gritty battles against Kevin Randleman and Kazuyuki Fujita to gain a better understanding and respect for his accomplishments in the sport.


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Denis Kang signs with Korean promotion Road FC

By Richard Mann

UFC veteran Denis Kang announced, via his Twitter account, that he has signed a multiple-fight contract with Road FC.

The promotion held their inaugural show, Road FC 1: The Resurrection of Champions, last year on Oct. 23. On the card, Daisuke “13″ Hanazawa defeated former Deep champion and SRC veteran Seung Hwan Bang

Since the collapse of former Elite XC partner Spirit MC there has not been a major league MMA show in South Korea. Moon Hong Jung, a former Korean national kickboxing champion, resides over the promotion.


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